Hell Is Not Other People, It's You

by The Republic of Trees

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'Hell is other people' - Jean-Paul Sartre

Every Republic Of Trees song was originally written to the best of my ability on an acoustic guitar called Blake (don't worry about it), then brought to the rest of the band who proceeded to cut it to pieces, rearrange, change keys and time signatures, say 'that's not a chord' and genuinely improve on them in every way. I'm very grateful for this.

The lyrics are very personal but not necessarily descriptive. There are two specific reasons for this: the first being the confines of fitting and cutting a much longer poem into song lyrics, and the second is that I'm a firm believer in the phrase 'what you don't know can't hurt you'. Though not a concept EP, it opens and closes on the same theme - that theme being fear of loneliness, violence, self-pity and the quiet realisation that Sartre was wrong... Hell is not other people... it's you.

Thank you very much for listening. - Lewis Marrow

Lewis Marrow - Vocals / Guitar (words & guitar words)
Tony Turner - Guitar (notes & noises)
Matt Peck - Drums (incessant banging)
Adam Weston - Bass Guitar / Backing vocals (vibrations & doo-wop)


released April 18, 2016

Music and arrangements by Adam Sacha Weston, Lewis Marrow, Matt Peck and Tony Turner
Lyrics by Lewis Marrow

Artwork by Lewis Marrow
Original album artwork photo by Annabel Godbold
Edited by Lewis Marrow

Recorded by Tony Turner
Edited by Adam Sacha Weston
Produced by Tony Turner and Adam Sacha Weston
Mixed & Mastered by Tony Turner

With special thanks to Alex Amuraritei



all rights reserved


The Republic of Trees Hull, UK

Republic Of Trees

Based in Scarborough/Hull/Belfast/Leeds

Influenced by Frightened Rabbit,
Tom waits, Porcupine Tree, Ghostpoet,
Velvet underground, Tool & The Smiths.

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Track Name: 32 Pages
What follows is a list of my crimes
No lachrymose song will save me from the past
Before falling on my sword would be advised
Then to lead you through the day with open ire

When all my dreams of you would wash away
If I could only remember your face

All will be revealed in 32 pages
All desires concealed within a plastic casing
Stories of your charm
You try and leave and I'll break your arm

How hollow are whispers in the dark
It's hard to explain but there are shadows in her eyes
Before falling on my sword would be advised
I run through the day with open ire
Track Name: Blake
Today I walked with Blake to his Jerusalem
In tears he saw it fall
I took Nick Drake to see the river man
To give him all we can

All will shine like gold as I guard over the fold
There's a wolf at the door
All will shine like gold as I guard over the fold I'm watching you all
And too many times I fall

Today she took away all I ever loved
My L.P. of the Fall
All she said is I know, I know what spiders know
That makes them want to crawl
Track Name: Plaster and Stone
Would the the last one to die please turn out the light
Our chances at life are gossamer small

What's the worst thing you've ever done
Mine is when I tried to hurt someone

I found out a home is more than plaster and stone it's more than I'll ever need

Prepare yourself for a falling out because I will be alone at your door
Prepare yourself for a falling out all will be revealed at your cost
Track Name: People Get Frightened
People get frightened when they don't want to be on their own

Was it strange when I begged you to stab me
Over and over again
Come to my room full of spiders, their eyes can watch us play

People get frightened when they don't want to be on their own

You came when I begged you to stab me
Over and over again
A room full of fallen idols and thoughts to leave our play
Track Name: Speak of The Devil
This is how it starts when you speak of the devil
When he's crawling out of your mouth

Well she is cultureless and she is boring Bain
And a voice that we don't need to hear again
She is cultureless and boring Bain and I'm falling

Calming hands
But we speak of the devil
It's all because we can

See I talk to whom I've fallen out
All for you
And then we meet in the middle

I won't be on my own
Track Name: Alone (live)
So in time if you let me fall in
She is lunar
And all in
To falling

When you wake from fear I'll be no where near
Alone too

Crestfallen love you're torn in arms
And nothing you can say can temper this
And the sound of awful silence

Well you won't see me drinking alone
I've taken to the bottle though
Cause I've got some wounds I need to sow
I'll do them without you